About the Artist

Donna has taught High School art since 2004. She has also created custom murals in home and business since 1999 getting her first mural job at 18 years old!

Donna holds her BA in art education from Montclair State University (2004) and her MFA from Christ Church University in Canterbury, England UK (2010).

Donna's art has been on exhibition the Zakin Gallery in Demarest, NJ, The Society of the Arts in Garnerville NY,  the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury England and the "Single Fare 4 " exhibit in Manhattan NY. She will be having an upcoming exhibition at Englewood Hospital Pediatric unit soon as well!

Donna believes that hand-painted work in the home, business, or on the stage is much more exciting than stickers or wallpaper and should be accessible and done with excellence.


"I aim to bring my hand-painted artwork to anyone who wants to experience having original art in their life in many ways so if you have a creative need I would love to help you fulfill it!  

Contact me and we can discuss how Donna Marie Art can help you achieve your vision today.

​I look forward to hearing from you soon!"

Donna Marie 

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